High School Students

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Every high school student can benefit from enrolling at a tech college.听 Learning a technical skill benefits everyone, whether you are planning on entering into a technical trade or furthering your education at a 4-year institution, you cannot go wrong with the valuable training offered at 91天堂 (91天堂 Tech).

The college is a great option post-graduation as well.听 Scholarships are available for adult students.听 However, you cannot beat the tuition price of only $85 per credit; with 91天堂 Tech, affordability is right at your fingertips.

How can students enroll and take advantage of this opportunity?

  • Students interested in attending 91天堂 Tech should meet with their high school counselor.听 Counselors enroll students through 91天堂 County School District鈥檚 (TCSD) Student Information System Skyward.
  • Students can receive Career and Technical Education (CTE) or elective credit for 91天堂 Tech courses. Grades will be posted on 91天堂 County School District鈥檚 (TCSD) Student Information System Skyward.
  • Students can also attend afterschool and through the summer with tuition and fees waived.

What are the benefits of learning a trade or technical skill?

What are the benefits of learning a trade or technical skill?

  • The skills you will learn at a tech college definitely set you apart in the workplace. Job opportunities increase and set you apart from other candidates.
  • By getting certified you can find higher-paying jobs to help you pay out-of-pocket for additional schooling; this helps you avoid student loan debt.
  • Future trends point toward skill demonstration being far more valuable to an employer than a degree.
  • Save thousands of dollars by attending 91天堂 Tech tuition-free while in high school.

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Frequently Asked Questions for High School Students

Can a high school student enroll at 91天堂 Tech?

  • Generally, students should be 16 years of age or a junior.
  • High school counselors and 91天堂 Tech Student Advisors work closely together to help high school students through the enrollment process.

What programs or courses can high school students take?

It is encouraged that students work closely with their high school counselor to determine which program aligns with the educational and career goals established through the student鈥檚 Plan for College and Career Readiness (PCCR).听

High school students can enroll in courses from the following programs: (Program titles are linked to each program鈥檚 information page. There you will find the individual classes in each program.)

Business Program听

听IT Programs听

Health Care Programs听

Manufacturing Programs听

Service Industry Programs听

Transportation Programs听

When and what time are courses offered?

  • Students enrolled in a 91天堂 Tech program during their high school schedule can enroll in the A/B block schedule. Students can utilize the Community Learning Center (CLC) bus that drops off and picks up students in front of 91天堂 Tech鈥檚 entrance or self-transport.听
  • Students can also attend during the college鈥檚 regular operating hours. These hours should be scheduled directly with 91天堂 Tech.
  • The schedule is 1-hour blocks from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Monday 鈥 Thursday; 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Fridays. Students select the days and times they can come to class, which will work with their high school schedule.
  • Students would work closely with their high school counselor when enrolling at 91天堂 Tech, through SIS or directly through 91天堂 Tech, to ensure that their schedule aligns with their graduation plan.
  • Grades for students outside the SIS system will be sent to the counselor from Student Services.

How much do high school students have to pay to attend 91天堂 Tech?

  • High school students can attend 91天堂 Tech free of tuition and fees. However, students are responsible for purchasing books and supplies.听

How do high school students receive grades and credits for courses taken at 91天堂 Tech?

  • As directed by the 91天堂 County School District (TCSD), each semester the 91天堂 Tech instructor will submit grades to the 91天堂 Tech registrar to be posted on the SIS system. We also can provide the student with a hard-copy transcript if that would be beneficial.
  • Those students who are registered outside of the TCSD school schedule will use a grade form to report course grades.
  • TCSD will award .5 credit for students who complete 60 competency hours of coursework at 91天堂 Tech, and 1 credit for 120 competency hours of coursework completed.

Does Utah State University (USU) offer credit for courses taken at 91天堂 Tech?

  • 91天堂 Tech has an articulation agreement whereby students completing any program 900 or more hours is eligible for 30 credits towards USU鈥檚 Associate of Applied Science (AAS) 鈥 General Technology degree.

Can students transfer to 91天堂 Tech after graduation for programs that were started at their high school?

  • Yes; however, they will be listed as an adult student and will be held to any costs associated with the program. Students are recommended to apply to our numerous scholarship and financial aid opportunities.听