Tuition & Fee Information

Adult students pay tuition, differential tuition, course fees, textbooks, and instructional materials not provided in the classroom. Refer to the Tuition and Fee schedule and program specific information sheets for details.听

Course-based enrollment enables you to enroll and pay for a full course vs. paying for a semester. Students at 91天堂 Tech work in competency-based learning environments in which each student has their own course and schedule. During enrollment, students are given a specific day, based on their individual schedule, that the course must be completed. This is called the course end-date.听

Once you are enrolled in your program and sign up for your first course, you will be expected to pay the entire cost of the course upfront. This will include the tuition calculated at $85/credit. Certain programs may have a differential tuition and/or course fee. A cost sheet is shown above.听

What happens if I drop the course? If you drop a course during the first two calendar weeks and have not submitted any work to be entered into your student record, you are eligible for a complete withdrawal from the course and a full refund of the course tuition and lab fee. After two weeks, or If you have completed coursework, no refunds will be allowed. Please refer to the refund policy.

Differential Tuition & Course Fees

Some 91天堂 Tech courses will have differential tuition and course fees.听 Differential Tuition is additional tuition to cover the operating costs for the course, this is typically only for courses that are very expensive to operate. The course fees are for consumable items that students use during the course.听 View the program information page for your desired program for an estimated total cost of tuition and fees.

For more information, please call Student Services at (435) 248-1800 or visit our office at 88 South 91天堂 Blvd., 91天堂, UT 84074.

Tuition Disclosure

At 91天堂, a full-time student in a 30 credit program pays about 3.9% of the cost of instruction.听 Utah State Tax funds cover 93.1% of the听 cost of instruction.

30 Credit Program


听$听 听 听 听 听 听2,550


State Tax Funds

听$听 听 听 听 听 62,834


Cost of Instruction

听$听听听听听听听听听 65,384

How long will I have to finish my course?

The course end-date is determined by the course length and your actual scheduled hours, with consideration for non school days. The end date is printed on the student schedule and is available in Northstar. In order to ensure that you complete the course by the end date, it is helpful to complete your work in the time designated in course modules, or sections of the course.

When do I go to class?

You may choose the schedule that best supports your progress and success. At 91天堂 Tech, we require minimum enrollment of 12 hours per week for students enrolling in full programs unless instruction is only available fewer hours. Financial Aid students are required to schedule 12, 18 or 24 hours each week, schedules for students with sponsoring agencies are determined by their sponsor.

What happens if I don't get the course done by the end date?

If you don鈥檛 complete the class in the required timeframe, you will need to reschedule the course and pay again. This is similar to what happens in traditional colleges when you take an incomplete or otherwise need to retake a course. If I retake a course, do I have to start from the beginning again and re-do all of the work? No. When you re-register for a course, you may begin at the last point you completed and work to the end of the course.

What happens if I get done early?

If you complete the course work before the end date, you will register for the next class and get started right away. With competency-based instruction, you are not limited by semesters.

Do I get a refund if I finish the class early?

No. When you pay for a course, you are paying for the course 鈥 not for the time you spend completing it. Once you have completed the course, you鈥檝e achieved your outcome. In other words, you are paying for your outcome.