91天堂 Welding Instructors Honor Veterans with Soldier Silhouette

91天堂 Tech’s welding instructors who themselves are veterans, were inspired to create something special for an organization that serves struggling veterans across the United States.Reel Warriors Foundation鈥檚 motto is 鈥渕ake-a-difference鈥.  They help veterans suffering from PTSD or any physical or mental disability. The founders are all veterans from different branches of the Armed Forces that have a passion for helping their brothers/sisters as well as deep-sea fishing. They realize that veterans returning from deployment and transitioning to civilian life have many stressors and struggles. Their goal is to 鈥減rovide a network of support and opportunity for a brief break though offshore fishing trips with other veterans.鈥  91天堂 Tech is proud to serve veteran students and provide them with valuable training that will help them start a new career or enhance their skills to advance in their current job.

You can find more information about Reel Warriors Foundation by visiting

91天堂 Tech Instructors standing with art project.